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  • Experience a
    Sri Lankan Voice!
    In London
    Bhathiya & Santhush in concert
    Wembley Arena
  • The Opera
    In The Market
    Voices in twilight
    Presented by Opera Scholars Australia
  • Summer Time Ball
    The capital radio annual summer event
    Summertime ball 2019
  • Welcome to
    the moment of

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Event hosting & ticket management

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We provide event strategy

Event Hosting Online
Event Hosting Online

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Online Ticket allocation and Seating Management
Online Ticket allocation and Seating Management
Consumer Products Consulting
Consumer Products Consulting

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Event Entry Management
Event Entry Management
Tickets, Tags , Wristbands
Tickets, Tags , Wristbands

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Corporate Events
Corporate Events

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Sri Lankan News and Events

Old Pupils' Association Hosted Events

Lot of us expats has deep links with our schools, universities. We also have great friendships we cherish which links all of us to a special time of our lives.

Is Paying Online Safe?

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Children's Events

Youth Get Together Events

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